Aardwolf: Reproduction

In the North Cape Province of South Africa females come into pro-oestrus during the last weeks of June (mid-winter). Mating usually takes place during the first two weeks of July. The aardwolf is highly promiscuous with dominant males often gaining copulations with the females of subordinate males in neighbouring territories. Copulation may last up to… Continue reading Aardwolf: Reproduction

Aardwolf: Status and Conservation

Status  Although there is little information from most northern range states, the overall status of the aardwolf currently can be described as Lower Risk: Least Concern (IUCN, 1996, appendix 6). Threats and Conservation Although the aardwolf may be harvested as a food source and purposefully or accidentally killed in predator control programs, these mortalities appear… Continue reading Aardwolf: Status and Conservation